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I've had an idea for the last 2 years or so to do a fund raising guitar for Cancer Research (as this terrible illness seems to affect my family or friends on a monthly basis). And finally...... here it is!

I've based it around a NSG 26 shape as the graphic looked better and have gone for an all over white finish. Sims Custom Shop did all the graphics for free and Bareknuckle Pickups contributed the P90's.

It's being showcased at this years LGS and then over the next year or so (how ever long it takes really) I will be trying to get famous guitarists to sign the guitar. Once it is totally covered over every inch with these signatures Martin Sim swill put another coat of lacquer over the guitar to seal them in and then the guitar will be auctioned off with all the money going to Cancer Research.

If any one knows any body famous (Sting, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Brian May, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, David Gilmore, Garry Moore, Ronnie Wood, Keitrh Richards, etc...) or you are famous, get in touch through our 'contact' page and help us raise a lot of money for this important charity.

Designed by Paul Sheppard